​INF Plans Providers Directory

When enrolled in an INF International Visitor Accident and Sickness Plan with United Healthcare Options PPO Network, you have the option to visit one of our In-Network Providers. Our Elite and Travel USA plans (when visiting USA) use the United Healthcare . A PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) is a network of doctors, hospitals, urgent care clinics, & specialists who offer preferred rates to lower coinsurance for plan members. If you go to an In-Network provider, you may be afforded several benefits.

For example, the health care provider may bill the insurance directly, meaning you will not have to pay out of pocket in advance for many of these eligible expenses. Copays and coinsurance are lower when using in-network providers.

United Healthcare Options PPO

When making an appointment with an INF International Visitor Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan make sure to say the following: "I have an IVAS plan which has access to the United Healthcare Network. I found you in the provider directory. Do you accept United Healthcare?"